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Colm  Glynn


1. Position

Out Half/1st Centre

2. What team do you most look forward to playing the most and why?

Any of the Dublin teams, they don't like playing the country teams

3. Favourite Food?

Fillet steak

4. Favourite Band or Musician?

The Coronas

5. If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

The Super Bowl

6. When did you last score a try?

In September v Mullingar

7. Growing up who was you all time favourite rugby player?

Carlos Spencer

8. Who is your funniest teammate?

Justin Forde

9. What is your favourite website?


10. Who is the best dressed in the squad?

Joe McGowan

11. What teammate is most likely to avoid paying for a round when you are out?

Benny McManus

12. What training drill do you dread the most?

Murder Ball

13. What is your nick name?


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